Get Rapid REWARDS Airfare Now with Southwest Airlines

Get Rapid REWARDS Airfare Now with Southwest Airlines 

Did you know that Southwest Airlines offers you one of the best airfare rewards programs out there, requiring only 8 round trip credits for a free ticket?

Did you know that flying in Southwest Airlines “Business Select Class” offers you a double credit for each flight, so you’ll get a free standard ticket with only 4 round trips?

Southwest does things a little differently than the other airlines, so I thought I’d highlight some of the Southwest flavor in this article.

Companion Ticket

A Rapid Rewards Member who accumulates 100 credits within in a year (literally within any 12 consecutive months) gets a handy dandy “Companion Pass” which entitles your designated traveling Companion to fly with you for free for one year on Southwest.  The Companion Pass works whenever your companion checks in and travels on the same flight with you – even if you’re traveling in a Rapid Rewards Award. The Companion Pass has no blackout dates or seat restrictions whatsoever – works like a magic charm 24/7.

If you’re wondering what happens if your “companion” changes over the year, they even have a policy for that. You can change your companion up to three times during its effective period.

Fewer Restrictions

Southwest Airlines has fewer restrictions on reward travel than many of its’ competitors. Reward travel tickets are treated just about the same as regularly purchased tickets with the exception that reward ticket travel does not earn trip credits. Rewards are valid for a very long time too, and they can be used as little as one hour before departure time.

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    This company has a lousy service and unfriendly staff. There's a reason for the low price :(

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