Can I Get a Decent Airfare on a Last Minute Flight?

Q. Can I get a decent airfare on a last minute flight?

A. Maybe.. It depends on a number of different variables, but the most significant factors in getting a last minute bargain usually comes down to two things – destination and date. It’s because of this destination/date phenomena that travel industry insiders will always suggest that you book your flight early.

Have you noticed that there are certain times of the year when it’s almost impossible to get an advance purchase flight – even if you’re prepared to pay top dollar? Booking your flights as far in advance of your trip as possible is the safest way to guarantee cheap airline tickets to your destination. By securing your flight as early as possible, you’re buying that coveted seat while there are still plenty available.

Naturally, airlines will offer the cheapest airfares during this stage.

Q. But What if I have to book my flight last minute?

A. It’s tricky. Booking a flight at the last minute means there are probably very few seats left. When the supply of available seats is low, the airlines will usually charge a premium price for those that are still available. Your best bet is to watch the TravelZoo E-Mail List as they always seem to get the best last minute fares.

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