Booking Cheap Flights on USAirways Mobile

Booking Cheap Flights on USAirways Mobile

Do you use your mobile device to search for cheap flights?

USAirways has made some real nice updates to their mobile website at and it’s now much easier to search for cheap flights. If you access their website from an internet enabled mobile phone for example, it now automatically redirects to their new mobile site that’s loaded with all kind of goodies for bargain hunters – an easy search engine for finding cheap flights, a booking agent for securing cheap flights, and a quick link to airline reservations for confirming cheap flights.

With the mobile US Airways site, you can do just about everything you’re used to doing on your computer in a low-graphics format that’s very fast and super easy for your phone or PDA to read.

You can give it a try at

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3 Comments to Booking Cheap Flights on USAirways Mobile

  1. RNSANE says:

    That sounds great..hope all the airlines will follow suit!

  2. sunnysan.tom says:

    That sounds great..hope all the airlines will follow suit!

  3. Dale Moore says:

    I've tried other methods of contact,
    but with little reslts, perhaps this
    will get some small amount of attention.
    One of the services from usairways is to
    send email announcements about flight
    information. They send this with a from
    address of .
    Unfortuatenly is not
    setup correctly. (technical talk:
    In DNS they have IPV4 addresses as MX records
    instead of FQDNs, the spec says FQDNs).
    So, depending on your ISP, you may or may not
    get these emails.

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