Budget Airlines: The Pros and the Cons

The Pros and the Cons of Budget Airlines

As a traveler in this decade, you have a large number of airlines in which to choose from.

While most air travelers are very familiar with the big carriers like United, American, and Delta, it wasn’t until airfare skyrocketed that passengers started to really examine their other airfare options. Lets look at discount or budget airlines, and discuss the pros and cons to flying with them.

The Pros

With Budget Airlines, you usually get the best rates. Since budget airlines limit perks to travelers, they pass that savings on to the passenger in the form of cheaper airfare.

If your goal is to from “Point A” to “Point B” as cheaply as possible, then you will get exactly what you are looking for from a budget airline.

How much money can you save? It really depends on a number of factors including your airline choice, travel dates, and destination. On average, most travelers will save at least $100 on their airfare by flying on a budget airline.

Who are the major budget airlines? In the United States, you’re looking at Southwest, JetBlue, Spirit, Horizon, and Virgin American. With this many budget airlines to choose from, you have a very nice chance of saving money.

The Cons
The most obvious thing is that there are almost no “perks” to speak of (in-flight movies, free drinks and snacks ) on the discount airlines. While this sounds like a bummer, the simple solution is to bring your own snacks and source of entertainment.

Another slight bummer is that you usually don’t get to choose your seat until you arrive at the airport. For many travelers this is no big deal, but it can be stressful if you are traveling as a family. Also, since budget airlines are geared toward cheap travel, many of them don’t have a first class or executive class section.
Be careful, because some of the budget airlines will load you down with fees. The exception is Southwest Airlines which is well-known for being a good budget airline with no surprises. Their website and commercials in fact proclaim this by saying “what you see is what you get.” Not all airlines are like this however. as many of them have hidden fees and taxes which you don’t learn about until you arrive at the airport.

It’s easy to see that flying on the budget airlines has its pros and its cons. If you decide to give one of these airlines a try, make sure you compare prices to ensure that you are getting the best deal.

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You’ve Got Mail – The Cheapest Airline Fights May Be In Your Inbox

Finding Cheap Flights

One of the best ways to find the cheapest airline flights is to sign up for e-mail newsletters that the various airlines publish. The major airlines often offer their e-mail subscribers the first chance to take advantage of their deepest discounts and/or any special ticket prices that they may have available.

All of the airlines are motivated to fill every seat on a flight. When a departure date nears and they still have empty seats available, most airlines will offer cheap plane tickets to try to fill the plane via e-mail.

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How to Find Cheap Florida Airfare

Finding Cheap Florida Airfare is Easy

Whether it’s those sun drenched beaches along the Atlantic Coast, the pristine blue waters of the Gulf Coast, or those theme parks that have made Central Florida so famous, the sunshine state is one of the most sought after tourist destination in the world. Since airfare to Florida is in such demand, how does one find an airfare he can live with?

Here are a few tips that might make your airfare to Florida search a success. Read on…

Did you know that most airlines update their direct airfare databases in the wee hours of the morning so that they are ready to sell on the next business day. Since this is the case, one strategy is to call the airline directly just after midnight Pacific Time. The really good airfare deals will get snapped up right away so you’ll want to be aggressive with this telephone strategy and be ready to complete your purchase.

When searching online for cheap airfare to Florida, would be travelers often overlook a very simple little strategy of flying to a secondary airport. Need an example? Most tourists that are heading in to the theme parks book their flight right into Orlando international airport. There are plenty of carriers however who will offer you a much cheaper airfare to Florida if you’ll fly into the nearby Sanford Airport (twenty minutes or so further away). Personally, I kinda’ prefer the Sanford Airport anyway because it is a lot smaller and usually not busy like Orlando International. Not only will flying to Sanford you save on your Florida airfare, you’ll experience the added benefit of being able to exit the airport much more quickly.

Another thought… Is it really necessary that you book your airfare to Florida during the peak season like during the holidays or at the begining of the Summer? Airfare to Florida is so much more expensive during those times but the sun in Florida shines year round. Wouldn’t it be better to go when it’s less busy and a little bit cooler? Just sayin’….

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Can I Get a Decent Airfare on a Last Minute Flight?

Q. Can I get a decent airfare on a last minute flight?

A. Maybe.. It depends on a number of different variables, but the most significant factors in getting a last minute bargain usually comes down to two things – destination and date. It’s because of this destination/date phenomena that travel industry insiders will always suggest that you book your flight early.

Have you noticed that there are certain times of the year when it’s almost impossible to get an advance purchase flight – even if you’re prepared to pay top dollar? Booking your flights as far in advance of your trip as possible is the safest way to guarantee cheap airline tickets to your destination. By securing your flight as early as possible, you’re buying that coveted seat while there are still plenty available.

Naturally, airlines will offer the cheapest airfares during this stage.

Q. But What if I have to book my flight last minute?

A. It’s tricky. Booking a flight at the last minute means there are probably very few seats left. When the supply of available seats is low, the airlines will usually charge a premium price for those that are still available. Your best bet is to watch the TravelZoo E-Mail List as they always seem to get the best last minute fares.

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Discounted Airfare for Babies?

Is Airfare Any Cheaper for Babies?

We all want to save money on airfare, but when it comes to babies and airfare I recommend comfort and safety over cheap airfare every time. Would you travel in your car with your infant baby loose? If you wouldn’t travel in a car with your infant baby loose, you probably should exercise the same caution when it comes to flying!

If you’re flying with your baby, I’m sure it’s tempting to save a few bucks on your airfare by sharing a seat. Airlines don’t require a ticket for babies and toddlers (children under the age of two) who sit on an adult’s lap so your baby is technically able to fly for free. The problem is that this isn’t really a very safe way to go and we at airfare-now advise against it.

There are several very good reasons for coughing up the cash and buying your baby his or her own airplane ticket. Here are 4 very good reasons:

Cheap Airfare or Security?
Your baby will be secured in an airline adapted car seat and secured by the airplane’s seatbelt. In the aircraft experiences turbulance, this could prevent major injuries.

Cheap Airfare or Freedom?
You will be freed from holding the baby for the entire flight. While this doesn’t seem like a big issue on a short flight, Pittsburgh to Charlotte for example, it will be appreciated on longer flights without question. Consider a trans-Atlantic flight with a squirmy toddler or a fussy baby on your lap – not good.

Cheap Airfare or Comfort?
Your baby will be more comfortable and much less fussy in an assigned airline seat, and it will be easy to give your baby a bottle when the aircraft is inducing ear pressure - takeoff and landing in particular.

Cheap Airfare or Indigestion?
Your meal on the aircraft will be much easier. It’s difficult and sometimes impossible to eat a meal while a little one is on your lap.

So in summary, please buy an airplane ticket when considering baby travel!

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Delta Announces Nationwide Airfare Sale

Delta Airlines Airfare Sale

A once every blue moon announcement from Delta Air Lines today as they have announced a nationwide airfare sale. The round-trip airfare rates aren’t life-changers, but their list of air destinations does include some real winners. Here’s a sampling of the round trip airfare sale destinations:

* $138 Sarasota, Florida
* $178 Mobile, Alabama
* $218 Bangor, Maine
* $218 Knoxville, Tennessee
* $238 Lubbock, Texas
* $248 Los Angeles, California
* $258 Grand Rapids, Michigan
* $258 Spokane, Washington
* $268 Omaha, Nebraska
* $268 Palm Springs, California
* $278 Burlington, Vermont
* $278 Cody, Wyoming
* $288 Rapid City, South Dakota
* $288 Tucson, Arizona
* $298 Eugene, Oregon
* $298 Redmond, Oregon
* $318 Boise, Idaho
* $318 Tulsa, Okla.
* $328 Little Rock, Arkansas
* $328 Salt Lake City, Utah
* $338 Jackson Hole, Wyoming
* $348 Reno-Tahoe, Nevada
* $368 Albany, New York
* $398 Ottawa, Ontario
* $398 Portland, Oregon
* $408 Bozeman, Montana
* $418 Montreal, Quebec
* $428 Calgary, Alberta
* $448 West Yellowstone, Montana
* $458 Vancouver, British Columbia
* $504 Fairbanks, Alaska
* $654 Anchorage, Alaska

These round-trip airfare rates are good on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Saturdays with trip taken on other travel days costing $20 more each way. According to Delta, travel can begin on or after August 17th and must be completed by November 17th.

The good news is that many other carriers are matching this airfare sale! Use Kayak.com to complete your search.

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