Unused Return Airfare and the 12 Months Rule

What to Do with Unused Return Airfare

Q.  I’m flying to New York City for a job interview this weekend and purchased my airfare from a link on your website. Your tip saved me about $300 so I wanted to say thanks and to ask a couple questions. If I get hired and am asked to begin work immediately, is there any value to my unused return airfare? Also, do you have any tips on a reliable (and cheap) moving company?

A.  Thanks for your questions!

You won’t get a refund, however your unused airfare reservations are valid on most airlines for 12 months from the original purchase date. Some airlines will even let you apply the value of your unused airfare to a different itinerary (12 month rule applies here too), but either way, don’t throw away the ticket because there is some lingering value for your airfare purchase.

As far as the moving goes, a real good alternative to full service moving companies is a company called U-Pack Moving – especially if you have someone at home to do the packing. They base your moving cost on space rather than weight which means you usually pay a considerable amount less.I like them because you still get the experience and the convenience of a full-service mover.

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Booking Your Flight as Two Seperate Roundtrips May Net You the Cheapest Airline Flights

Booking Flights Tip

One of the easiest ways to find the cheapest airline flights is to book your trip as two separate trips.

For example, if you’re planning to travel from location A to location C you could make a huge savings by booking the cheapest roundtrip airfare from location A to location B and then the cheapest roundtrip airfare from point B to point C.

A flight from Pittsburgh to Orlando, for example, might just be cheaper if you book two roundtrips – one from Pittsburgh to Atlanta and another from Atlanta to Orlando. It’s worth a look!

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Airfare Secrets Revealed by Tom Rhoades

Airfare Secrets Revealed

I just finished reading the updated (2nd Edition) of “Airfare Secrets Revealed” (Tom Rhoades) and thought I’d share my opinion here on airfare-now.com.

My first reaction, interestingly enough, was not about the text but rather all of the included bonuses. When you purchase Airfare Secrets Revealed, you not only get the book but you also get a boatload of very nice freebies. For example:

Last Minute Traveller – FREE!
Holiday Plus! Software – FREE!
Party Travel – FREE!
How to Be an Air Courier – FREE!
Taking the Perfect Camera Shot – FREE!
Budget Travel Guide – FREE!
How to Budget a Family Vacation – FREE!
7 Language Phrase Books – FREE!
and a promise of Lifetime Updates for Fly Cheap! – FREE!

All of the freebies will be useful, but I especially liked the butget guides for family travel and family vacations. These two guides are so useful, in fact, that I have already transferred them both to my travel laptop! I had forgotten that the eBook came with all of this other stuff and was VERY pleasantly surprised.

As for the Airfare Secrets Revealed eBook, I’m in the travel business and was familiar with many of the techniques. I did however get two very novel and new techniques that blew me away. These are techniques that the novice traveler can use but they can also be utilized by pros in the travel industry. For the everyday traveler, I thought the book was well written and would definitely make good on it’s promise to deliver airfare savings strategies.

The fact is, airlines are filling up the seats faster than ever and most of the travel sites are acting as brokers to help them. Whether you book your airfare through a third-party site or you book it directly through the airline, the more upcharge you spend on your airfare, the more money they make. The objective of this eBook is to ensure that you get the absolute best price on airfare that you possibly can!

According to the author,

“Airfare Secrets Revealed is guaranteed to save you significant money on your next flight – and every flight you book from this day on!”

I’d suggest you check out the eBook and all of the accompanying freebies by visiting the author’s website:

“Airfare Secrets Revealed” Website.

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Last Minute Flights

Last Minute Flights

Airfare is more expensive than ever. Last minute flights however, offer some major savings opportunities to the flexible traveler. Flight bargains, last minute flight deals, and cheap airline tickets really do exist and are still available to the savvy airline ticket shopper!

Locating cheap airline tickets is a critical step in travel planning. This blog targets the last-minute flights shopper – the flexible traveler seeking flight specials to and from major cities. If you’re travel plans are flexible, then getting on last minute flights can net you enormous savings!

Be sure to check back often as fares change frequently.

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Summer Airfare Wars Begin

AirTran Leads the Battle

Summer airfare wars have officially begun with leading discount carrier AirTran Airways firing the first shot causing the bigger carriers to match prices during a time when they would much rather be raising them.

Featuring some seats on a few short trips for as cheap as $44 each way, the AirTran sale is limited in that it expires at midnight on Friday, April 2nd. What really makes their sale stand out (and anger the competition) however is its duration which covers travel from March 19 until Nov. 16.

Other carriers were forced to match airfare on routes where they compete with AirTran in order to prevent losing passengers to their lower-cost rival. Those sales also expire n April 2nd at midnight.

“It’s very rare that we see a 200-day sale — that we get to buy that far out into the future,” said Tom Parsons, CEO of BestFares.com. “This is the first big summer airfare sale.”

Airlines have a seasonal clock when it comes to earning revenue: They try to make enough revenue in the summer to last them through the winter. The length of the AirTran airfare promotion is important because it means that other airlines were forced to sell seats for the peak summer travel period much more cheaply than their previous plans.

Among those matching the AirTran airfare sale were Delta, US Airways, American, Continental, and United. You can see a number of the airfare offers at one place on the Booking Buddy Website.

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How to Find Cheap Flights to Hawaii

flying to hawaiiHow to Find Cheap Flights to Hawaii

There are some general rules that apply to almost all flights, but there are some specific rules when it comes to flying to Hawaii – rules that will make finding cheap flights to Hawaii a lot more possible than you thought.

1) First and foremost, the further out you can plan your Hawaii trip, particularly your air travel to Hawaii, the cheaper they will be. Try to book your flight to Honolulu at least 21 days out – 30 days if you’re continuing to Maui. Extra tip… “red eye” trips will save you lots of money on your return to the mainland.

2) Very important – stay over a Saturday night!! If your trip to Hawaii is for 5 days, plan your flight to arrive Wednesday morning to early afternoon, then return to the mainland on Sunday to get a better fare. Extra tip… try mid-week flights for arrival and departure for the BEST airfare.

3) Don’t ever buy airline tickets for Friday evening or Monday morning. These are obviously the busiest times for the airlines and the airfare will reflect that. You won’t ever find cheap flights to Hawaii on a Friday night.

4) Avoid holiday travel to Hawaii if you can. If you must travel to Hawaii for a holiday, book your flight for the actual Holiday (fly in ON Christmas Day rather than Christmas Eve, for example).

5) With the exception of Thanksgiving, airfare to Hawaii is cheapest between November 1st and December 15th.

6) Pretty obvious, but fly from a major city – preferably a major international hub. If you live an hour outside Chicago for example, choose Chicago Ohare anyway. Take the bus or some other form of public transportation if necessary but fly from the international hubs.

7) Flights to Honolulu on Tuesday, Wednesday and Saturday will usually offer the lowest prices. The heaviest travel days TO Honolulu are Monday, Friday and Sunday, so the prices can be higher.

8) Solid gold tip!! If you are willing to be bumped from an overbooked flight, you could be given a very large discount for a future trip or possibly een a free roundtrp. If you are not in a hurry and the airline announces your flight is overbooked, ask the gate counter representative what they are offering for a volunteer “bump”.

9) Use your status as a senior citizen or a college student to get discounts – sometimes as much as 25% off! If you are at least 55 years of age or you can show a student ID, this is definitely an avenue you need to explore. 

10) If you call the airlines directly, ask them for their most inexpensive flight. Believe it or not, It is not always coach. Your airline may be having a special on business travel that you qualify for. Always ask!

Flying to Hawaii?
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