Finding Airfare Deals to Australia

Planning a Trip Down Under? 

If you’re planning a trip Down Under, you will most likely benefit from these 4 handy tips for finding cheap airfare to Australia:

1. Find out which airlines use airports in Australia as their hub. Qantas and Virgin Blue are airline giants with hubs at the Sydney Airport, but there are many more to chose from as well.

2. Schedule your Australia flights for midweek. Scheduling your flights for Tuesdays, Wednesdays or Thursdays can save you lots of money on airfare to Australia.

3. Visit Australia during the low season. Airfare has a high season price and a low season price, and it’s important to note that Australia is in the southern hemisphere so its seasons are opposite of most of the rest of the world’s population. In general, you’ll find the lowest airfare to Australia during their winter.

4. Try flying into a different city. Australia has two major international airports (Sydney and Melbourne), so try both airports when making your air travel plans.

If you need more information, there are tons of Australia and New Zealand Articles available on In addition to blog posts and news release on the culture Down Under, there are traveler’s stories about Australia, detailed tips for finding airfare deals, even Australia Travel Guides. Also, remember that you’l need to have your passport in order. Visit “Where to Get a Passport” if you need assistance in this regard.

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Flying to Japan? Find the Cheapest Flights

Airfare to Japan

Looking for the cheapest airline flights to Japan?

Good for you! Japan is now considered an “a-list” destination for travel – one of the hottest destinations in the world for people of all ages. The technology edge and the sheer amount of activities available makes Japan ideal for vacationers and business people alike.

Finding the cheapest airline flights to Japan is easier than ever, thanks to mega-search sites like Kayak and negotiation sites like riceline. Lets take a look at some ways to find the cheapest flights.

We’ve all seen the commercials with famous actors telling us how to get the cheapest airline flights and cheapest hotel prices. Most people just dismiss these commercials as invasive advertising that probably doesn’t follow through. The bidding sites and price matching sites offer some amazing deals however – deals that you won’t get by simply visiting an airline’s website or calling them directly. You can sometimes save hundreds of dollars by using bidding sites because they have access to very specific schedules and can pinpoint the best times available to fly.

Travel agents still exist, and they can be an super helpful in finding the cheapest airline flights. Travel agents have established relationships with airlines and ticket agents so they may be able to find special deals that you just can’t get anywhere else. You might even be able to get free hotel rooms or attraction discounts as well.
So how do you find the cheapest airline flights…? You can always call various airlines to see what types of offers they have available, but why not check out mega-search and bidding sites first, talk to travel agents second, and use the direct site as a last resort.

Good luck in finding the cheapest airline flights!

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Airfare Rates are Coming Down

Honolulu (HNL) – Sydney (SYD) $989 RT

Long term readers of know that I have been blogging for years about my dream trip to Australia.

They also know that I have been stubbornly denying myself this indulgence because the airfare has been insane.

Well guess what…?

I Just found a Honolulu, Hawaii (HNL) to Sydney, Australia (SYD) airfare for less than $1,000 round trip – $989 to be exact on JetStar Airways. Not only will we get a great rate but we’ll also pick up frequent flyer points on Quantas!

I said “we” because I’m hoping a certain person might decide to do this with me for Valentine’s Day. He could buy the airfare and I could get the hotel and that casio pathfinder he’s been wanting from BlueDial.

It could be the best Valentine’s Day ever!

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10 Tips for Finding Cheap Flights to Los Angeles

Locating Cheap Flights to LAX

There are some general rules that apply to almost all flights, but there are some specific rules when it comes to flying to Los Angeles – rules that will make finding cheap flights to Los Angeles a lot more possible than you thought.

1) First and foremost, the further out you can plan your Los Angeles trip, particularly your air travel to LAX, the cheaper the flight will be. Try to book your flight to LAX at least 21 – 30 days out.

2) Very important – stay over a Saturday night!! If your trip to Los Angeles is for 5 days, plan your flight to arrive Wednesday morning to early afternoon, then return on Sunday to get a better fare. Extra tip… try mid-week flights for arrival and departure for the cheapest flights.

3) Don’t ever buy airline tickets for Friday evening or Monday morning. These are obviously the busiest times for the airlines and the airfare will reflect that. You won’t everfind cheap flights to LAX on a Friday night.

4) Avoid holiday travel to Los Angeles if you can. If you must travel to LAX for a holiday, book your flight for the actual holiday (fly in ON Christmas Day rather than Christmas Eve, for example).

5) With the exception of Thanksgiving, airfare to LAX is cheapest between November 1st and December 15th.

6) Pretty obvious, but fly from a major city – preferably a major international hub. If you live an hour outside Chicago for example, choose Chicago Ohare anyway. Take the bus or some other form of public transportation if necessary but fly from the international hubs.

7) Flights to LAX on Tuesday, Wednesday and Saturday will usually offer the lowest prices. The heaviest travel days TO LAX are Monday, Friday and Sunday, so the prices can be higher.

8) Solid gold tip!! If you are willing to be bumped from an overbooked flight, you could be given a very large discount for a future trip or possibly een a free roundtrp. If you are not in a hurry and the airline announces your flight is overbooked, ask the gate counter representative what they are offering for a volunteer “bump”.

9) Use your status as a senior citizen or a college student to get discounts – sometimes as much as 25% off! If you are at least 55 years of age or you can show a student ID, this is definitely an avenue you need to explore.

10) If you call the airlines directly, ask them for their most inexpensive flight. Believe it or not, It is not always coach. Your airline may be having a special on business travel that you qualify for. Always ask!

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Can I Get A Refund if my Airfare Price Drops?


So you finally decide to push the “buy now” button for your plane ticket. You’ve found what you believe to be the best discount airfare, you’ve inhaled deeply, and you’ve make the click. But then your biggest fear – you see a lower fare on another website or you see the price of your ticket drop on your current website. What now?

Here are some general details about refunds on airplane tickets. Keep in mind that each travel website and each airline sets their own policy so these are generalities – your mileage may vary…

If your fare drops within 24 hours, your airline might very well refund the difference.

Several major airlines offer what they call a low-fare guarantee: If, for example, you see your flight advertised for less on another website within 24 hours of originally booking your airfare, your airline might refund the difference in price and also reward you with a travel voucher. The lower fare needs to meet some precise conditions in order to qualify, but it is definitely worth looking into.

On American and United Airlines for example, the lower airfare must match your original airfare itinerary, cabin classification (economy, business, or first) and letter designation. The letter designation is usually the hardest of all criteria to match because there can be a dozen or more letter designations within a single cabin. For Continental and Northwest Airlines, the lower airfare must match the original airfare cabin classification, itinerary and flight.

If you book your ticket through the Orbitz travel website, you’re eligible for a voucher under their low-fare guarantee if you find a lower fare on a different website. You might also receive a cash credit through their separate “price assurance policy” if another Orbitz website customer books your same itinerary at a lower price. Again, the class and itinerary for the two tickets must be exactly the same in order to qualify.

If the price drops after 24 hours, you might get a flight voucher.

If you purchased your ticket from the airline and your price drops, the airline may award you a voucher for the price difference toward your next ticket. You’ll only get that voucher however if the amount of the price drop is more than the rebooking fee that the airline charges.

For example, let’s say that you found a disount airfare to Los Angeles International for $429 that has since dropped to $374. If the rebooking fee on your airline is $125, your fare would need to drop below $304 (yourr original $429 minus the $125) before you would see any type of an award voucher. If you want to get in the business of chasing vouchers and catching them, call your airline before you book to see if they have a rebooking fee (the flight tracking site Yapta maintains a chart of rebooking fees at major airlines) and book your ticket as far in advance as possible.

Persist, and you might get more than one travel voucher.

Like Travelocity and most of the other online travel agencies, Yapta searches for the best discount airfare for your planned itinerary. For the voucher-minded traveler however, Yapta only returns airfares that can be booked through the airline directly. After you buy your ticket, Yapta monitors your airfare and sends you an e-mail when the price rises or falls.

If your airfare drops to a point where you qualify for an award voucher but you don’t want to deal with the airline yourself, Yapta will do it for a $15 service fee.

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