Considering Airfare to Italy?

Get More than Airfare… Get the Package!Italy is just an amazing country, filled with such rich history, gorgeous lakes, spectacular mountains, and picturesque cities. Rome, Venice and Milan are the most frequently visited cities of Italy, but there is so much more to take in here including the breathtaking islands of Sicily and Sardinia.

Rather than booking airfare only like we recommend for domestic travel, you’ll find that you get the very best travel deal to Italy by booking an italy tour package. And if you heed our advice, there is no better travel deal anywhere then the one you’ll get from the 15-day “Unforgettable Italy” tour that’s offered by Grand European Tours.

A quick airfare only search of JFK to Rome shows the airfare running in the $1,000 – $1,600 on Kayak. Start adding hotels, transportation, and attractions and you’ll soon be in the upper thousands. Whoa!

Grand Europeans tour of italy on the other hand is way less than $3,000 and is nearly all-inclusive. Their tour includes round trip airfare, local expert guides (Rome, Pompeii, Capri, Florence and Venice), transportation, first class hotels, travel documents, 16 meals, and a professional tour director.

According to GE Tours website, you’ll

“Spend your first 3 days immersed in the art and history of Rome. See the fascinating remains of Pompeii, share a meal with a Sorrento family and visit the Isle of Capri. Discover the treasures of the Uffizi Gallery with a Florentine art expert.”

There are so many essential locations and sights to visit, but not planning the perfect itinerary will likely mean missing out on visiting some great places. A reliable Italy tour organizes the trip in such a way that all important and interesting locations are covered.

Airfare-now recommends that you skip the airfare-only option and visit the Grand European Tours website to learn more about their Italy tour. Have a wonderful trip to the land of pizza, pasta and vino!

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Can I Get A Refund if my Airfare Price Drops?


So you finally decide to push the “buy now” button for your plane ticket. You’ve found what you believe to be the best discount airfare, you’ve inhaled deeply, and you’ve make the click. But then your biggest fear – you see a lower fare on another website or you see the price of your ticket drop on your current website. What now?

Here are some general details about refunds on airplane tickets. Keep in mind that each travel website and each airline sets their own policy so these are generalities – your mileage may vary…

If your fare drops within 24 hours, your airline might very well refund the difference.

Several major airlines offer what they call a low-fare guarantee: If, for example, you see your flight advertised for less on another website within 24 hours of originally booking your airfare, your airline might refund the difference in price and also reward you with a travel voucher. The lower fare needs to meet some precise conditions in order to qualify, but it is definitely worth looking into.

On American and United Airlines for example, the lower airfare must match your original airfare itinerary, cabin classification (economy, business, or first) and letter designation. The letter designation is usually the hardest of all criteria to match because there can be a dozen or more letter designations within a single cabin. For Continental and Northwest Airlines, the lower airfare must match the original airfare cabin classification, itinerary and flight.

If you book your ticket through the Orbitz travel website, you’re eligible for a voucher under their low-fare guarantee if you find a lower fare on a different website. You might also receive a cash credit through their separate “price assurance policy” if another Orbitz website customer books your same itinerary at a lower price. Again, the class and itinerary for the two tickets must be exactly the same in order to qualify.

If the price drops after 24 hours, you might get a flight voucher.

If you purchased your ticket from the airline and your price drops, the airline may award you a voucher for the price difference toward your next ticket. You’ll only get that voucher however if the amount of the price drop is more than the rebooking fee that the airline charges.

For example, let’s say that you found a disount airfare to Los Angeles International for $429 that has since dropped to $374. If the rebooking fee on your airline is $125, your fare would need to drop below $304 (yourr original $429 minus the $125) before you would see any type of an award voucher. If you want to get in the business of chasing vouchers and catching them, call your airline before you book to see if they have a rebooking fee (the flight tracking site Yapta maintains a chart of rebooking fees at major airlines) and book your ticket as far in advance as possible.

Persist, and you might get more than one travel voucher.

Like Travelocity and most of the other online travel agencies, Yapta searches for the best discount airfare for your planned itinerary. For the voucher-minded traveler however, Yapta only returns airfares that can be booked through the airline directly. After you buy your ticket, Yapta monitors your airfare and sends you an e-mail when the price rises or falls.

If your airfare drops to a point where you qualify for an award voucher but you don’t want to deal with the airline yourself, Yapta will do it for a $15 service fee.

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Airfare, Perks, and Presents

Airfare and So Much More

At, we really strive to direct you to the best airfare bargains, great deals, discounts and offers.

While many websites are singing their own praises, we would like to sing some praises for the “Perks and Presents” feature on the Conway Confidential website. Sign up and you’ll get some very appealing travel, food, discounts, and airfare deals that are exclusive to members only.

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Airfare Commercials from Kayak,com and Priceline

Funny Airfare Commercials and More

I know you enjoy finding discount airfare, but do you enjoy watching television commercials?

When it comes to travel commercials, I get a kick out of the discount airfare ads that are put out by and I always enjoy the airfare commercials featuring William Shatner.

And here’s a vacation rental commercial by the folks at Vacation that made me smile…

The “Unitard” made me laugh, and it really gets the point across about finding a vacation rental rather than a hotel when traveling.

Do you have a favorite airfare or travel related commercial? Post a link and we’ll all check it out!

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6 Tips for Finding the Best International Airfare

The Trip of a Lifetime

Planning an extended family vacation with excursions to lots of countries? It sounds amazing, but the total cost of your airfare can be impossibly high without some real planning. If your travel plans include stopovers in different countries, you’ll need to know the ropes.
Lets get busy!

Book Your Flight Weeks in Advance

The key to finding the best deal on international airfare is to plan your flight as far in advance as you possibly can. Discounts can be enormous if you book your flight 30 days or more ahead of your planned departure. An added bonus, lodging and attraction tickets are often cheaper when purchased in advance too.

Check the Airlines Directly

Many of the cheapest international flights are found directly on the airline’s website. Airlines often offer non published fares on their international destinations, so it really pays to check them out. Search Kayak first, but always compare their best price with the airline website price before making your purchase.

Patronize the Small Airlines

Smaller airlines have less overhead and their airfare rates are often much cheaper. EasyJet for example offers some terrific deals on international flights. Since they refuse to pay a commission to travel agents, their airfare rates are almost always a little lower than the larger carriers. You might not get a meal or a movie, but you’ll almost always enjoy a cheaper flight.

Get the Package

Did you know that package deals for international flights are loaded with value?
Package plans that include airfare, accommodations, and attraction tickets offer spectacular discounts, and the all-inclusive packages (packages that also include meals and activities) are solid gold. Destination specialists like Airfare Planet and Qantas Vacations can help you save a lot of money if you’re willing to buy the package.

Stopovers are Good

Many times, the cheapest international flights go to passengers who book flights with multiple layovers. Though not as convenient as direct flights, they offer the best rates while giving you an opportunity to see more sites. If nothing else, multiple layovers offer a great way to experience more of the local flavors found near the airport.

Travel Light

Since most airlines are now charging for checked baggage, it’s wise to remember the savings of packing light. Take only what you need and consider purchasing other items locally when you arrive at your international destination.


Following the above tips should help you find a cheaper international flight. Enjoy your vacation! Remember that you’ll need to have your passport in order. Visit “Where to Get a Passport” if you need assistance in this regard.

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Airfare Ticket Prices are Subject to Supply/Demand Fluctuations

Airfare Ticket Prices are Subject to Supply/Demand Fluctuations

Did you know that discount airfare prices can change as often as three times each and every day?

The only time your discount airfare is truly locked is when you press that “buy-it-now” button and commit yourself to the airfare purchase. Until you book that cheap flight, your actual airfare prices will move up and down based entirely on whether seats sell out or remain open – the law of supply and demand.

Did you know that international airfare prices can change as often as five times per day?

Those airfare rates are actually more “fluid” than domestic airfare rates and can change up to five times per day. It’s a wild dance between the overall supply of seats versus the demand of seat buyers. It’s no surprise then that the Economics 101 theory on airfare pricing is this simple… the more travelers who want to fly to a particular location, the higher the airfare.

Maybe this will work in reverse when you’re searching for cheap flights!


What Factors Affect Supply and Demand?

Weather related and seasonal issues, regional activities (conventions), high school and/or college graduation festivities, major sports events, and dozens of other factors go into the programming side of online discount airfare pricing.

Is There a Solution?

I recommend the Kayak search engine’s “my dates are flexible” option because it will take in all of the above factors and suggest the cheapest flights for your planned destination. Buying discount airfare is possible if you’re a flexible and diligent shopper.

There’s a Kayak engine on my right sidebar if you want to give it a go. Make sure you use the flexible dates option.

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