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PhotobucketAnnouncing The Airfare-Now.Com (Find the Cheapest Airfare) T-Shirt Contest!

Want to be the envy of your neighborhood (or at least your own home) in this sporty (find the cheapest airfare) t-shirt?

Link to us and win…

Each month, we’ll be giving a free t-shirt to one lucky linker! Simply copy the following code into your website or blog. Then leave us a comment with your link to let us know you’re in.

Good luck and safe flying!!

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Should You Change Airlines Enroute to Save Money on Airfare?

Looking for airfare deals in unusual ways, lets consider the following airfare bargain scenarion…

Should you change airlines in the middle of a trip in order to save a few bucks on airfare? Is it worth the inconvenience of extra boarding passes, terminal changes, luggage worries, etc…?

It may surprise you, but experts agree that the answer is now an undeniable “YES”. What was once considered a no-no and an extreme inconvenience is now considered a wise move for the airfare bargain seeker.

According to an article on the Cheapest Airfare Blog,

“While most travelers will fly on one airline clear through to their final destination, combining flights on different airlines is often more cost effective. For instance, an east coast flight to Hawaii may be cheaper on Delta from New York to Los Angeles with a transfer to Aloha for the flight across the Pacific.If you find yourself in a situation where you are changing airlines mid-trip, remember that most airlines will transfer your luggage automatically.”

The fact that most airlines will transfer your luggage automatically has made the prospect of changing airlines enroute more acceptable, and the savings can really add up!

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Free Flights for the Flexible Traveler

Have you ever been bumped?

I mean, have you ever voluntarily or involuntarily given up your seat on an aiplane to another passenger? If you are a looking for free flights and you’re flexible, you can clean up on this technique.

Flying for Free: The Art of Getting Bumped

Tag: Getting Bumped… Overbooked
Free Flights

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Where Can I Find the Best Last Minute Flights?

Q. I have some rather unexpected time off and wonder if there’s a good cheap airline you would recommend for last minute flights. My flight times are pretty flexible - I just don’t have a lot of money. I’ve tried cheapseats, expedia, farecast, and the general lot. I just want to know if you know anything extra.

A. According to a post on the Last Minute Flight Deals Blog,

“Travelzoo always has listings for last minute flight deals, particularly for travel in the next few days or over the next weekend. Right now. it has a nice list of last minute flight deals for Thanksgiving. In terms of getting a great deal 2 hours in advance, that would be more difficult.”

I also agree with their recommendation to try searching Kayak for lasat minute flights. I’ve had some real success with Kayak – even picked up a deal on a flight that I needed to jump on in less than two hours!!

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Finding Airfare Deals to Australia

Planning a Trip Down Under? 

If you’re planning a trip Down Under, you will most likely benefit from these 4 handy tips for finding cheap airfare to Australia:

1. Find out which airlines use airports in Australia as their hub. Qantas and Virgin Blue are airline giants with hubs at the Sydney Airport, but there are many more to chose from as well.

2. Schedule your Australia flights for midweek. Scheduling your flights for Tuesdays, Wednesdays or Thursdays can save you lots of money on airfare to Australia.

3. Visit Australia during the low season. Airfare has a high season price and a low season price, and it’s important to note that Australia is in the southern hemisphere so its seasons are opposite of most of the rest of the world’s population. In general, you’ll find the lowest airfare to Australia during their winter.

4. Try flying into a different city. Australia has two major international airports (Sydney and Melbourne), so try both airports when making your air travel plans.

If you need more information, there are tons of Australia and New Zealand Articles available on In addition to blog posts and news release on the culture Down Under, there are traveler’s stories about Australia, detailed tips for finding airfare deals, even Australia Travel Guides. Also, remember that you’l need to have your passport in order. Visit “Where to Get a Passport” if you need assistance in this regard.

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Flying to Japan? Find the Cheapest Flights

Airfare to Japan

Looking for the cheapest airline flights to Japan?

Good for you! Japan is now considered an “a-list” destination for travel – one of the hottest destinations in the world for people of all ages. The technology edge and the sheer amount of activities available makes Japan ideal for vacationers and business people alike.

Finding the cheapest airline flights to Japan is easier than ever, thanks to mega-search sites like Kayak and negotiation sites like riceline. Lets take a look at some ways to find the cheapest flights.

We’ve all seen the commercials with famous actors telling us how to get the cheapest airline flights and cheapest hotel prices. Most people just dismiss these commercials as invasive advertising that probably doesn’t follow through. The bidding sites and price matching sites offer some amazing deals however – deals that you won’t get by simply visiting an airline’s website or calling them directly. You can sometimes save hundreds of dollars by using bidding sites because they have access to very specific schedules and can pinpoint the best times available to fly.

Travel agents still exist, and they can be an super helpful in finding the cheapest airline flights. Travel agents have established relationships with airlines and ticket agents so they may be able to find special deals that you just can’t get anywhere else. You might even be able to get free hotel rooms or attraction discounts as well.
So how do you find the cheapest airline flights…? You can always call various airlines to see what types of offers they have available, but why not check out mega-search and bidding sites first, talk to travel agents second, and use the direct site as a last resort.

Good luck in finding the cheapest airline flights!

Recommended Reading:
Save on Airfare Secrets is the BEST material for both casual and business air travelers – all in one place for easy access too!”

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