Airtran Sale From $86 One Way! Expires Soon

Airtran sale from $86 one way! ends 8/31/12


Just a little bit of time left on this AirTran coupon…

Fly to over 25 U.S. cities with great low fares from AirTran Airways. Flights are now available with fares as low as $86 one-way to/from destinations all over the country. Travel June 12 through October 30, 2012. Hurry, these sale fares won’t last long, so book your ticket by May 31st and let AirTran Airways take you on an affordable getaway.

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American Airlines Offering New PriorityAccess Perks

AAdvantage Airfare Rewards Program 

Are you a member of the American Airlines AAdvantage program? I’m asking because they just announced the addition of new privileges for their top customers that they are calling PriorityAccess.

According to AAdvantage, members that have achieved elite status (executive platinum, platinum, gold AAdvantage or Oneworld Alliance emerald, sapphire or ruby), along with all first class and business class travelers, AAirpass customers and even economy class travelers who have purchased full fare tickets will all benefit from the addition of these PriorityAccess perks:

- Dedicated check-in lines at each and every American Airlines checkin counter.

- A private PriorityAccess security lane at the 10 largest American Airlines airports as well as several others based on TSA permission. The airports that have confirmed PriorityAccess lanes are Dallas/Fort Worth, Chicago O’hare, Miami International, Los Angeles (LAX), New York’s JFK and La Guardia, St. Louis, San Francisco International, Boston and San Juan, Puerto Rico.

- A separate boarding lane at the AA gate so that PriorityAccess passengers can bypass the general boarding lines.

While other airlines seem to be cutting perks, it’s refreshing to see American Airlines blazing a customer-friendly trail!

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Airfare Advertisements Soon Must Include Taxes and Fees


Airfare Advertisements Soon Must Include Taxes and Fees

Starting Jan. 26, there will be no more asterisks when it comes to airfare. A new Transportation Department rule slated to go in effect on the 26th requires that all advertised airfares include all of those non-optional fees and taxes.

airfare fees and taxesYou’ve seen the ads… Fly from Albuquerque to Los Angeles on Southwest Airlines for $49. Fly from Asheville, N.C., to Miami, Florida on Allegiant for just $59. Fly from Boston to Kansas City on Spirit Airlines for only $19.

If these fares seem a little too good to be true, that’s because they are. An asterisk accompanies  every one of those online ads, indicating that additional fees and taxes will be applied. In some cases the additional fees will raise the ticket price more than 25%.

But starting Jan. 26, no more asterisks!

A new U.S. Transportation Department rule requires that from that date forward, all advertised airfares must include those pesky non-optional fees and taxes. That even includes fuel charges and the Sept. 11 Security Fee.

“The price advertising provision was adopted to make sure passengers know the full amount they will have to pay for air transportation when they buy a ticket,” agency spokesman Bill Mosley said.

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Book Review: Low Cost Airfare Secrets Revealed

Book ReviewI’m looking at an advance copy of a 2nd Edition eBook called “Low Cost Airfare Secrets Revealed” and will be publishing a review here shortly.

Please check back later today.

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2 New Strategies for Saving on Airfare

Searching for last minute flight deals but coming up a little.. sticker shocked?

Here are a couple techniques that you may not have considered – good ideas for last minute airfare shoppers.

Strategy #1: Website Madness
If you have the patience, try visiting every major airline’s website for their last minute “website-only” deals. This strategy of combing the airline websites at the very last minute can sometimes yield a terrific airfare buy because the airline is quietly unloading any and all available seats according to the law of supply and demand. For example if they have 5 empty seats (supply) and only one person is expressing any interest (demand), then the price will gravitate downwards until the vacant seat is purchased.

Strategy #2: Dialing for Dollars
Try calling around to the area travel agents to see if they have any “block seat reservations” that are not yet sold. Sometimes out of simple desperation, a travel agents will sell these seats on the cheap – sometimes as much as 90% off!

According to Two Ways to Get Cheap Last Minute Flights,

“Travel agents are allocated airline tickets for top resort destinations and last minute travelers. (I) still encourage you to check the travel search engines for cheap airline tickets last minute but you may get lucky and score a great fare by using the travel agent method.”

I hope these two strategies help take you where you want to go!

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Unused Return Airfare and the 12 Months Rule

What to Do with Unused Return Airfare

Q.  I’m flying to New York City for a job interview this weekend and purchased my airfare from a link on your website. Your tip saved me about $300 so I wanted to say thanks and to ask a couple questions. If I get hired and am asked to begin work immediately, is there any value to my unused return airfare? Also, do you have any tips on a reliable (and cheap) moving company?

A.  Thanks for your questions!

You won’t get a refund, however your unused airfare reservations are valid on most airlines for 12 months from the original purchase date. Some airlines will even let you apply the value of your unused airfare to a different itinerary (12 month rule applies here too), but either way, don’t throw away the ticket because there is some lingering value for your airfare purchase.

As far as the moving goes, a real good alternative to full service moving companies is a company called U-Pack Moving – especially if you have someone at home to do the packing. They base your moving cost on space rather than weight which means you usually pay a considerable amount less.I like them because you still get the experience and the convenience of a full-service mover.

Thanks for being an subscriber, and best of luck with the new job!

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